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Wooden doors Rduch-Borek


Window joinery Rduch-Borek

Exterior doors

Exceptionally functional and harmonious

Thanks to the usage of modern technology of production, our exterior doors are available in a full range of forms, patterns and colours. These are the doors which lead to the first-class interiors – elegant, aestetic and perfectly designed. The doors highlight an individual style and fitting of the whole building.

Modern solutions worked out by our company let us produce the exterior doors that can be used for many years. Additional paint layers, put in the process of production, ensure high resistance to abrasion, weather and mechanical conditions. Thanks to that our doors are very stable and durable as well as functional.

Safety guarantee

In every model of the doors we offer, we use only best-quality mechanisms which in combination with dual insulation system protect from cold. All glass walls are made in the combination with safety glass. The components used in the production ensure durability and raise a sense of security.

Models of doors →

Window and Facade Technology

Interior doors

Special designing and solidity of workmanship

A unique glass walls, special stained glasses and full range of ornaments make that our interior doors in a harmonious way complete every space. Thanks to the usage of modern technology of stucking the doors are very solid and durable. As the result it is possible to combine colours and style of the doors with the whole woodwork. An exotic wood which we use in the production of our interior doors make that they become the pride of every room.

Models of doors →


Wooden doors → Examples of

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Wooden doors → Models

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B-001.jpg B-014.jpg B-048.jpg B-049.jpg B-051.jpg B-052.jpg S-004.jpg S-007.jpg S-009.jpg S-011.jpg S-013.jpg S-014.jpg S-018.jpg S-021.jpg S-021_2.jpg S-032.jpg S-032_2.jpg S-032_3.jpg S-032_4.jpg S-032_5.jpg S-036.jpg S-046.jpg S-051.jpg S-051_2.jpg S-051_3.jpg S-051_4.jpg S-052.jpg S-053.jpg S-054.jpg S-055.jpg S-060.jpg S-066-zwitrazem.jpg S-066.jpg S-067.jpg S-070.jpg S-071.jpg

Energy- Saving Windows

The modern Energy-Saving Windows on
Profile 92 | 3-shaft | k = 0.4/0.5
ideal for passive houses.


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Unia Europejska - Program Regionalny - Śląskie.Pozytywna energia

“Implementation of a new energy-saving windows technology (passive) in order to create advantages competitive in the domestic market and increasing export companies Technic Window Rduch & Borek”

Regional Operational Programme of Silesia - the real answer to real potrzeby. Name of Beneficiary: WINDOW TECHNIQUE Production Trade Services Rduch A. & Z. Borek Sp. Sensible. The total project value amounts to 1 507 521.06 zł Grants totaling 741 403.80 zł.Projekt co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme of Silesia in 2007-2013. Source information on the Regional Operational Programme of Silesia in 2007-2013 can be found at www.rpo.silesia-region.pl

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