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Window joinery Rduch-Borek

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Production Trade Services
A. Rduch & Z. Borek Sp. Jawna

44-323 Gogołowa
ul. Wiejska 55A
phone 32 476 06 70
fax. 32 476 01 14

e-mail: firma@rduch-borek.pl
www: www.rduch-borek.pl

* For fast and efficient valuation of your investments, please send your project / plan / throws home to our e-mail.

Energy- Saving Windows

The modern Energy-Saving Windows on
Profile 92 | 3-shaft | k = 0.4/0.5
ideal for passive houses.


Call us and see for yourself:

  1. +48 32 476 06 70
Unia Europejska - Program Regionalny - Śląskie.Pozytywna energia

“Implementation of a new energy-saving windows technology (passive) in order to create advantages competitive in the domestic market and increasing export companies Technic Window Rduch & Borek”

Regional Operational Programme of Silesia - the real answer to real potrzeby. Name of Beneficiary: WINDOW TECHNIQUE Production Trade Services Rduch A. & Z. Borek Sp. Sensible. The total project value amounts to 1 507 521.06 zł Grants totaling 741 403.80 zł.Projekt co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme of Silesia in 2007-2013. Source information on the Regional Operational Programme of Silesia in 2007-2013 can be found at www.rpo.silesia-region.pl

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